Finlandia’s great tasting cheese is crafted with pure Finnish milk from family owned farms. These delicious cheese sticks are free of artificial hormones, naturally lactose free and made with non-GMO ingredients. The fresh milk is carefully crafted into cheese that is a good source of protein and calcium. Finlandia’s SnackTime Imported Cheese Sticks are available in Cheddar & Gruyere, Gouda & Parmesan and Gouda.

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About Finlandia

Finlandia makes great tasting cheese and butter. It’s what we do. In fact, it’s the only thing we’ve done for more than a century. And when you’ve been passionately perfecting your craft for so long, you end up creating something very special.

Our master craftsmen are relentless in the pursuit of taste perfection with no room for shortcuts or compromise. From the initial selection of the freshest milk to the final cutting of the cheese and butter blocks, each step celebrates the time-honored tradition of European craftsmanship for which Finlandia is famous.