Finlandia Light Swiss wins Healthy Food Award two years in a row.

Light Swiss Voted Best Swiss Cheese by Self Magazine image

Less fat means less flavor?  Absolutely not!  For the second year in a row, our award winning Light Swiss cheese has proven that statement to be full of holes. With the consensus in from nutrition experts and taste-testers alike, Finlandia Light Swiss cheese has once again beaten out all Swiss cheeses- full, light and reduced fat – for the title of ‘Best Swiss’ in SELF Magazine’s 2012 Healthy Food Awards.

Light Swiss was chosen based on its sharp taste and nutrition profile that’s low in calories and high in calcium. What makes this cheese so special is that it has the full, rich taste of regular Swiss, but only half the fat, so it really brings big flavor to any dish.

This victory for our proud cheesecrafters isn’t one we’re taking lightly. We’re thrilled and honored to win this award again. It’s really a tribute to our master cheesemakers and their commitment to crafting the most flavorful and wholesome cheeses on the market.

Finlandia Light is more than just great flavor though,. It has impressive nutrition profiles too. And it’s not just the low calorie count (57 per slice to be exact) that puts Finlandia in first; it’s the all natural aging process that makes it a lactose free, gluten-free, low fat cheese (3g per slice) with no added hormones and a high amount of healthy calcium (22%).

So, when choosing the Swiss that’s topping your snack or sandwich, go for the one that’s light on calories yet full of flavor. Ask for Finlandia Light Swiss at your supermarket deli.  It’s a winner!

Potential candidates for the Healthy Food Award are narrowed down using nutrition criteria developed by Self Magazine’s contributing nutrition experts.  Only products that fit their guidelines and that are widely available across the country are considered. Once the list is narrowed down, real people taste test each product to make sure they’re not only good for you, but actually taste good, too.