Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are Finlandia Cheeses made?

The vast majority of our cheeses are made in Finland as well as Estonia (a picturesque country which is a short ferry ride from Finland across the Gulf of Finland ); the remainder are made in the United States under the strict guidance of our Finnish master cheese makers.

2. How long do you age your cheeses?

Some cheese types taste better when they’re aged. We allow the following cheeses to age to ensure the most delicious flavor:

  • Swiss: 100 days
  • Light Swiss: 60 days

3. What kind of cultures do you use in making your cheese?

We use cultures of lactic acid bacteria. In our Swiss cheese, we also use cultures of propionic acid bacteria.

4. What are enzymes and what type of enzymes do you use?

Enzymes are added to coagulate the milk in the cheese production process. We use microbial-based enzymes in most of our cheeses.

5. What is rennet? Are you using animal based rennet?

Rennet is an enzyme that helps coagulate the milk during the cheese making process. Most of our cheeses are made with microbial-based rennet that’s vegetarian friendly.

6. Are your cheeses made from pasteurized milk?

Yes, they are.

7. Are Finlandia Cheeses Kosher?

Our products are not supervised or certified by a Rabbi so they cannot be called Kosher.

8. Are Finlandia Cheeses Gluten Free?

Yes, they are.

9. What is the best way to properly store Finlandia Cheese?

  • Keep the cheese in its original packaging.
  • If the cheese is purchased at the deli, tightly wrap the cheese in plastic wrap.
  • Place your cheese in the coldest section of the refrigerator.
  • For more information on how to properly store your Finlandia products, click here

10. How can I prevent cheese from developing mold?

  • Wash your hands before handling the cheese.
  • Immediately place the unused portion in tight plastic wrap.
  • Keep the cheese in its original package.  If the cheese is purchased at the deli, tightly wrap the cheese in plastic wrap.
  • Place the cheese in the coldest section of the refrigerator.
  • Eat the cheese within 3 to 5 days after opening.

11. Should I throw moldy cheese away?

We recommended that Finlandia Cheese be consumed within 3-5 days once the package is opened.

12. Can cheese be frozen?

Cheese can be frozen; however, its structure will change.  It may become drier and more crumbly. We recommend the cheese is immediately tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator or freezer for later use.

13. What does the “Best By” date mean on Finlandia products?

The “Best By” date reflects the freshness and quality of the cheese. It is best to use the cheese before the 'Best By' date on the package.

14. Can I eat my cheese past the code date?

Cheese is a perishable product. If it is stored properly and there are no visible signs of mold, it may be eaten beyond its “Best By” date. As always, use your judgment – if the product doesn’t look, smell, or taste as it should , it’s best to throw it away.

15. Are Finlandia Cheeses Lactose Free?

Some of our products are lactose free — check the Product Section of our website for specifics.

16. How can Finlandia Cheese be Lactose Free?

Many aged cheeses are naturally lactose free. This is because the active cheese cultures break down the lactose in the cheese during the maturation process.

17. I threw away the package(foil). What should I use to wrap my Finlandia Butter?

Use aluminum foil which is suitable for food products used in cooking.

18. What is the best way to keep Finlandia Butter fresh all the time?

Keep the butter in refrigerator and keep it wrapped in a foil. Store the butter away from light and strong odors like onions or garlic. Use only clean knives when cutting the butter. The quality of butter weakens faster if it comes into contact with other foods, etc.

19. The Finlandia Butter was left out of refrigeration for several hours. Is it still ok to eat it?

We don’t recommend to use butter which has been stored at room temperature for several hours. Butter products do not go bad easily, but there can be changes in the butter quality when kept at room temperature. We recommend to keep the butter products in the refrigerator under recommended conditions.

20. How long do I have to leave out Finlandia Butter to soften it for baking?

Time needed to soften the butter depends on the room temperature and the temperature of the refrigerator where the Finlandia Butter was kept. Let the butter stand at room temperature for approximately 30 - 60 minutes before baking.  The Finlandia Butter is ready to use when it is soft and spreadable.

To soften butter quickly, cut into chunks and allow to soften at room temperature for about 15 minutes.  We do not recommend that you soften butter in a microwave.

21. Can I deep fry food using Finlandia Butter?

We do not recommend deep frying food using Finlandia Butter. Butter contains some water which can cause spattering in high temperatures. Butter can also burn easily.

22. How long does Finlandia Butter last once it is unwrapped and kept in the refrigerator?

It is best to use the butter by the expiration date stated on the butter package to ensure the quality.

23. The current date is past the 'Expiration Date' on the Finlandia Butter package — Can I still use it?

It is best to use Finlandia Butter by the Expiration Date to ensure the highest quality, taste and performance in cooking and baking applications.

24. Can I freeze Finlandia Butter?

Yes, you can freeze Finlandia Butter. Suitable freezing temperature is -18 C (-0.4 F).

25. If kept frozen until its expiration date, can I use Finlandia Butter after the expiration date?

Frozen butter will have a longer shelf-life compared to that of fresh butter (i.e. stored in refrigerated conditions).   However, to ensure the highest quality, we recommend that  consumers use their Finlandia Butter before the expiration date. If consumers choose to freeze their Finlandia butter, we recommend that they defrost the butter in a refrigerator.  It is also recommended to use Finlandia butter as soon as possible after defrosting.

26. Is Finlandia Butter Kosher?


27. How can I serve Finlandia Cheese Products at my restaurant or deli?

Please visit our Contact Us page; a member of our Food Service team will contact you if you provide your contact information.

28. How can I contact a Finlandia representative?

Do you have a question, suggestion, or a compliment? We would love to hear from you! Please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with our Customer Service team.